Role –
Researcher, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Publisher

Problem –
Through any form of experimentation, design and print an A5 booklet about your given letter and typeface. You must only use your given typeface throughout the book.

Solution –
My given letter was a capital B and typeface Didot. I started experimenting with removing parts of each letter in the alphabet while keeping the most identifiable elements. I found that the most visual part of the B are its loops. My next form of illustrations breaks down the letter, exposing its unique shapes, serifs and negative space through 4 different pixel sizes. This project and the researched involved in it has allowed me to indulge my keen interest in typography.

More to show at a Portfolio Interview:
The Complete Type Experimentation book (12 pages)
Type Basics book (12 pages)
Type Classification book (32 pages)
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